Simple Sales Funnels

A simple definition of a sales funnel is a series of defined steps that direct qualified prospects through the sales process, whilst filtering the less-qualified prospects along the way. At the top of the funnel a mixture of “RAW” leads are entered into your funnel (This could be through SEO, Print Ads, Direct Mail, PPC,…

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Creating Great Habits For Success

Yeah, yeah, it works, we all know it works, except that sometimes it doesn’t. We know that it takes anywhere from 21 to 90 days to establish a habit (depending on your level of commitment, the strength of your self-limiting beliefs and your “why”). But let’s be realistic – who has time or discipline to…

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New Larger Facebook Right Hand Ads Are Here

In the last few months the poor old Right Hand Ads have been the poor relative to the larger and more expensive Newsfeed Ads. The right hand ads previously had an image of 100×72 pixels are now being made much larger. Another radical change is the actual number of ads that appear in the right…

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