Cool Email Trick

Email trickI have been deep in the bunkers testing a new email trick I wanted to quickly share with your today.

One of the biggest roadblocks any online marketer (or anyone else using email) has is getting people to take the necessary action you want them to do AFTER they opened your email message.

In many of my emails, especially when it’s about a video I always put an image of the video into the email and then link the image to the page you want them to be directed to page with the actual video on.

Over the last few weeks I have been testing a couple of ideas that have worked really well. On average they have increased Click actions by around 7%. This might not sound like a significant amount but mark my words it is!

Traffic to my sales funnel pages is up dramatically. With a small list of say 5,000 openers mailing out once a week that’s say 20,000 clicks over a month. If we increase that by 7% that’s another 1400 clicks. If these were all going to a sales page (which they aren’t in this example) and we had a conversion of say 5% that’s another 70 sales a month!! Pretty impressive.

What we have been testing is putting an animated gif into our emails of a very small portion of the video. I’m sure the #1 reason why this works so well is that people want to see it all once you “tease” the content to them.

Here’s an example of one I created for a recent email campaign. Pretty cool 🙂

Definitely worth testing – I know I’m rolling it out for all my new launches and will keep you posted on progress.

There’s tone of free and paid software out there that can create a GIF from either a series of images or by uploading a video – I use this service which I found works really well and easy to work with