Goal Setting For Results

I guess most people, at one time or another, have set themselves some goals but I’d like to bet the vast majority of people never actually achieve them. In this article I want to show you a step-by-step process I use to help:-

• Set My Goals
• Achieve My Goals

At the end of the day unless you actually achieve your goal they are only just dreams (and dreams don’t pay the bills!)

I have read tons and tons of stuff about this over the years and this is what I have found, through trial and error has worked great for me.

Goals are different to dreams in 4 ways. They are specific, actionable, time-orientated and realistic.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Specific – The more specific the better. There’s no use just dreaming about a fancy new car. If you want a new Porsche for example, you need to be really specific. (I.e. a Black Porsche 911 Turbo with black leather interior).

Actionable – winning the lottery is not a goal. Running a marathon in 5 hours is a goal

Time-Orientated – Making £1m profits is a goal but making £1m profit by 31st December 2017 is a much better goal.

Realistic – becoming a billionaire overnight is pretty unrealistic. Becoming a millionaire in 2 years isn’t.

Creating Your Master plan

One of my favourite books “The Pledge” By Michael Masterson has a great method of breaking things down from 7 year goals to individual daily tasks.

goal setting

Your Master Plan will be broken down as follows:-

Seven Year Goals – These are the “Biggies”. Don’t have too many (5-6 is a great number) and try to be “balanced” in your goal setting (i.e. – try and have some non-business goals too). Example – to generate annual profits in my business of £1m+.

First-Year Goal – Create an online product that generates £100,000 net profit

Monthly Objective – Plan and record content for online course

Weekly Objective – Create Course Outline and record 50% of content

Daily Task – Record 1 Video Module

Can you see how this feeds upwards the daily task feeds the weekly objective, the weekly objective feeds the monthly objective etc.

To succeed with your seven year goals you have to take small steps, following a plan, by doing daily tasks. The little steps build up to create momentum and the necessary action towards the goals. It’s almost like reverse engineering your success. Start where you want to be and then break it down into smaller and smaller actionable steps. By doing it this way you are not overwhelmed.


You MUST write down your goals

Plan your day ahead – be precious with your time – it’s a scarce resource

Review them often – morning and night minimum. I have them in my diary and review them regularly throughout the day

Don’t be afraid to day dream about your dream life. Imagine in as much details how you will feel once you have achieved your goals

Choose goals you really want to achieve rather than ones you think you might want to achieve

Follow your plan through – take the necessary action.

Review your progress monthly – you can change things if you need to. Again write them down. How will these changes impact your BIG goals?

Reward yourself for keeping on track
Share the goals with someone you trust or an accountability buddy

The way you actually achieve your goals may not be how you first envisaged it – be flexible and opportunistic. Once you set your intention and truly believe it things start happening!