Landing Page Mistakes

I see so many business owners making these same silly landing page mistakes…Don’t fall into the same trap too. In this short video I go through some of the biggest (and most easily avoided) blunders!

Today, we are really fortunate to have some awesome tools that make the job so easy (even a “numpty” like me can do it!)

Here are a couple of my favourite landing page tools I use virtually every single day in my own business. They have saved me a ton of time and money not to mention they look awesome too. The templates have been created by marketers for marketers for the highest conversions possible.

It’s not unusual for me to average a 50% + conversion (to opt-in) from these templates.


LeadPages – probably my #1 favourite – so easy to use and awesome support from their team

Optimizepress 2.0 – WordPress based plugin and theme – some great templates too

In the spirit of true disclosure these are my affiliate links – if you’d prefer for me not to get anything then you can use these bare links

Transcript Of Video

l just put together a really short video about some of the biggest landing page sins that people commit and I’ve been, you know, I think we’ve all done that. Just wanted to put together a short video just to give you really some action points where not to make the same mistakes. Because I see so many people wasting a lot of money on paid traffic and then sending them to a page which, you know, they don’t really get the results that they expect or what they want.

So, let’s go in there.

One of the first things I see a lot now, and this is even more important if you’re sending it to SEO related traffic, that the page loads very slowly. People are gonna go, if it’s not downloaded in a couple of seconds people are off, you know, they press the back button whatever, they go somewhere else. Make sure your page loads really, really fast.
Too busy. And what I mean by this is there is too many things going on. You want people, when they land on a landing page, to basically take no more than two actions, ideally just the one action which is the action to opt in, to buy a product, to like something, whatever it might be but don’t give people too many options otherwise they get confused and end up taking no actions at all.

Crap design, again you see this so many times. Again, people spend so much money on great ads, great images for the Facebook whatever and then send them to some godforsaken, excuse the pun here, landing page which is gonna put anyone off. You know, joking aside, I know this is probably one of the extremes but you’d be amazed how many times you see people having pages that are really shocking. There’s no need for that with some of the tools. Under the video, I’m gonna put a couple of resources to what I use for my landing page and I think you’ll find they are really, really quick and easy to do.

Not what you promised. And this is where we send people, from say an ad, and then you send them to a page and it’s not exactly in keeping with what you promised them in the ad and people do really get pissed off about this. And again its not gonna convert very, very well. For this example, you know, you wouldn’t want to entice someone to beautiful 25 year-old and then send them to a page which looks like this, you know, it’s far off the mark.

Not relevant. Again, you know, landing pages, if we’re in a niche, let’s say we’re in the golfing niche, there’s no point sending people to a page that is all about tennis. You know, it’s just not relevant to our audience again it won’t convert well and we’re wasting both our time and again things like SEO ranking factors comes into this. If we’re getting a high bounce rate, i.e. people coming to a page on our site and not going into other pages on the site then Google’s gonna frown upon us because we’re not considered relevant. This is, you know, more importantly so with SEO traffic.

Poor information, you know, again, you see many so people wanting to attract people. Got the great intention, probably got great information, but they don’t actually pass that information on to their subscribers. Again, you’ve gotta move the free line you here, you’ve gotta give your best stuff away free because people’s mentality is, you know, if they feel that you giving the best information free of charge.

So, I hope you enjoyed that. As I said, I’m gonna put a couple of resources for creating your own landing page and these are some of the resources I use in my own business every single day and it’s saved me an absolute ton of money, ton of time doing stuff, so definitely recommend using those.