If you are like me (and I know there are a lot of you reading this newsletter that are as technically challenged as me!) then creating great looking web pages has always been a real pain in the arse.

Over the last 12 months there have been a few new companies who offer a service that provides great designed web page templates that I can use and get up and running in double quick time. Some are more user friendly than other.


This month I want to review Leadpages

I have been using Leadpages now for only around 12 months and LOVE IT! There are a few drawbacks with it buy “Hey-Ho” nothing in life is perfect! The GOOD far outweighs the BAD!

First thing before we get into the product is the Support – “THIS ROCKS!” Whenever I have requested support I have always had a great reply in double-quick time. They are not just some crummy “off-shore” type of support (no offence intended here BTW!)– these guys (and Gals) really understand what I’m trying to accomplish.

Okay let’s jump straight into the product.

Leadpages has tons of great templates to choose from including:-

• Sales Pages
• Launch Pages
• Thank You Pages
• Squeeze Pages
• Webinar Pages

Plus a whole host more…


All the pages can be published onto either your own server, hosted by Leadpages, WordPress or Facebook all with the click of a button.

All the pages are mobile responsive themes so you can view them on your Computer, IPad of Phone effortlessly.

To change any of the templates its child’s play. You click where you want to edit – type what you want and job done. No messing around with FTP or any of that crap!!

It’s integrated with all the major internet providers too.

But LeadPages goes much deeper that this….

Here are just a few of the other cool “NINJA” features I love…

Sort By Conversion Rate – want to see the highest converting templates? Just click a button and they are displayed in order of best converting templates.

Built In Split-Testing – No need to go to any 3rd part scripts. Just create a split test and Leadpages keeps track on which pages convert best.

GoToWebinar Integration – No need to get webinar attendees to opt in to GoToWebinar and your email provider separately anymore. You can integrate GTW into the webinar registration page which integrates simultaneously with your auto-responder. Love this!! In the past it was always a pain getting people to opt in twice!

An Ever growing Template Library – These guys keep adding great stuff all the time.

There’s a whole host of other really cool features too – far too many to list them all here.


The Downside of Leadpages

I promised to tell the good and the bad so here goes:-

The Monthly Cost – Yes it does cost something monthly – but I have saved a fortune on web design costs since using it.

Templates are pretty inflexible – In terms of doing funky things. The templates are pretty inflexible.
Overall Rating – 9.5 out of 10 – Easy to use and jam packed full of great features

Want to try out LeadPages – Check it out ==> HERE