LinkedIn Case Study Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the LinkedIn case study – I wanted to share my progress over the last 3 weeks where you can now see I’m in the top 1% of my LinkedIn network of 3500+ people. If by and chance you missed part 1 of the Linked In case study then I suggest you watch it first to show you how I am getting the results.

I am literally spending no more than 5 minutes every day growing my network at this stage and this is resulting in 7-10 highly qualified leads every week.

This is definitely something you should try for yourself – best of all it’s 100% FREE!!

Transcript Of Video

I’m just recording the second part of my little LinkedIn experiment. As I say it was just something I was messing around doing, but I’ve had some really, really good results from it. I just wanted to record it. It’s about three weeks now since I started doing this, and you can see there on my LinkedIn page who has viewed my profile. You can see that the viewings are going up quite dramatically. I think we’re round about down here about 60 odd profile views and it’s literally snowballing up here. We can see this line really, really increasing over time. In this time you know we’re getting probably that 200 or 300 connections [inaudible 00:00:49], I’m spending literally five minutes a day adding connections as I did in part one of the case and I’m finding now the organic reach of my profile is sort of literally snowballing.

When I first started recording the part one of the case study I’d taken on a couple of new clients who you know high level, monthly repeat, recurring clients who are gonna pay me around about 1000 pounds a month for services and I’m getting now averaging every week probably 7 to 10 highly qualified leads that are interested in what I do, they’ve seen my name about, seen it regularly and this is without actually sort of promoting anything. They are coming back to my website.

To be honest the part two of this strategy which I’m gonna be doing in the next month or so is where I’m gonna be sending out via the messaging function, a piece of content, probably two or three times a week to my network to further build that bond with them. At the moment I’m doing nothing clever, I’m just adding people to my network. So you can see I think I was at number 30, I can’t even remember what it was but it was not a brilliant.. I think it was number 66 in the top 7% in my particular network. You can see here literally in the last three weeks I’m in the top 1% now. I’m number 33, I’ve got 3,597 people in my network so that has jumped up very very nicely because I’ve been in the top percent. It’s pretty cool. Hopefully that figure is gonna rise if I keep up with the momentum of building my network over the next few weeks.

I’ll keep you posted on that but it’s definitely a strategy. If you haven’t seen part one, watch part one of the case study. It shows exactly what I’ve done, it’s nothing hard, anyone can do this, just do it a few minutes a day everyday, small amounts consistently on a daily basis you know you should get some great results with it. As I say, part two is where I’m gonna actually start introducing information to my network. I’ve not even planned it yet but I know exactly what I’m doing in my mind is I’m gonna send some blog articles, Facebook posts and I’m gonna put those into messaging where it will go out to my network to further build the bond and my professional status amongst them. So hope you enjoyed it and definitely worth trying, very simple, no money it costs to do this. So another great strategy to get started with.