LinkedIn – Are You Using LinkedIn too?

I just recorded a really short video case study how I messed about using LinkedIn over the last couple of weeks to grow my network.

Nothing to clever there I hear you say!!

Best of all it’s resulted in 2 new clients who are going to pay £1000/mth!!

This takes just  a couple of minutes a day and after a few days it seems to gather its own momentum.

Needless to say – I’m going to learn a bit more about LinkedIn 🙂

Here’s the link to Part 2 of my LinkedIn case study as I show you my progress since recording the above video nearly 3 weeks ago. I’m now in the top 1% of my network of over 3500+ people and am generating 7-10 highly qualified leads every week.

Transcript Of Video

I’ve really been testing with LinkedIn over the last few days. I don’t normally use LinkedIn at all. I never have done…Messed around with it in the past…But I’ve never really spent any time doing anything with it. But a friend of mine said, “Well, you really should be using this because after all, the target demographic of people on here are business owners and people you’d want to market to.” So I thought, “Well, I’m going to give it a couple of weeks of trying it every day and see what sort of results I can get from it. And I’ve not been doing anything difficult at all, anything which literally takes five minutes a day, even less than that, to be honest.

I’ve had some really stellar results from it, and I don’t really know… Well, I do know what I’ve done, but it’s so simple what I have done. I really just want to pass on this information to you, so you can do it yourself because I do think LinkedIn has got some huge possibilities. I don’t know a lot about it, and I don’t profess to be a LinkedIn expert by any way and means. But I do think you should be doing this sort of stuff to get some sort of results in growing your network. And I’m sure there’s some great courses out there on LinkedIn. I just wanted to share a few observations I’ve had from doing stuff on LinkedIn and literally, I just want to show you something here and show you my huge video profile.

In the last 90 days, I’ve had 217 people. You can see here from, really, the start of November, I think it was, end of October. I just started playing around with it a little bit and I’ve just spent literally about two minutes a day doing a few bits and bobs. And I want to show you exactly what I did in just a minute. And you can see here I’m getting 30, 40 profile views a week. I’m sure that’s not massive amounts from people there, but it’s a **** sight more than I was getting over here.

And what it’s meant over the last few days is I’ve had about eight inquiries over the last two weeks on services, and I’ve already converted into paying customers at just under £1000 a month. So that’s why I’m really excited about sharing this with you. I’m just messing about. I don’t really know what I’m doing. As I say, I’m sure if you knew what you’re doing, you could make a lot more money from it. But just look at this. This is what I wanted to share with you. We’re just going to go to Rank Your Profile. And you can see here, my profile is in top 7% amongst my connections and it’s gone up to 18% in the last 30 days and I’m number 109 out of 1,500. So I’m really sharp in terms of the rankings of this.

It’s really, really straightforward. What I’ve done, I’ve just connected with people, basically. You can see here, every day, I’m literally getting people asking to connect, and I’ve never got that in the past people. I was always having to try and grow my network with people. And this is what happens. When you come down here, you can see people who you can connect with, and LinkedIn allows you to connect with people, like-minded people, and all you need to do is spend literally, if you’re on the train or tube or watching the tele, whatever. Go on and click people who are in your market place. It could be people who are, say, in the property niche, people who I feel would fit in well with my particular market niche. And all I do is, every day…and I’ve been doing this for the last few days…is go around and pick probably 15, 20 people a day to add to my network.

And that’s all I’ve done really to create this. And as I say, it’s all really resulted from two clients, who are going to be paying me £1000 a month each, which is great. And that’s just literally from just doing this. Exactly how a bit like Facebook, and I’m growing my network all the time. What I do like to pick is people who’ve got big networks. You can see this guy here has got 355 people in the same shared network, and I like to pick people…the profiles with images on, as well. I think that’s just a personal preference. I’m sure there’s no reason why, but I think people like to see visually who they’re going to connect with.

So as I say, it’s not rocket science. It’s something anyone can do. Get on that. Try it for yourself, and see what sort of results you’ve got. Make sure you’re driving people back to your page. You can capture the details, so that if you have got a business offer, then you’ve got chance to follow with them at a later stage.