New Larger Facebook Right Hand Ads Are Here

In the last few months the poor old Right Hand Ads have been the poor relative to the larger and more expensive Newsfeed Ads.

The right hand ads previously had an image of 100×72 pixels are now being made much larger. Another radical change is the actual number of ads that appear in the right hand side. In the past this could be up to 7, now this number is being dramatically cut to just one or two.

The New Larger Facebook Ads

The New Larger RH Side Facebook Ads

I think the main reason Facebook has introduced this radical number of advertisers in this important bit of online “Real-estate” is because too many ads were causing poor engagement and ad blindness to Facebook users.

I actually think this is a positive move by Facebook and increased engagement is sure to please their advertisers.

One other great advantage to this change is that all ad images now have the same aspect ratio. So one image can be used without editing (or it being compressed automatically by Facebook) for all the different sorts of ad placements.

Here are the new ad dimensions:-

Page Post Photo, Link, Offer, Desktop App and Domain Ads:

• Image Dimensions: 254×133 px
• Consistent Aspect ratio: 1.91:1

So how will this affect things for advertisers?

I would certainly expect the following:

CPM Price to increase due to less inventory and higher competition.
CPC prices to increase – as by what percentage this is unclear at this stage.
oPCM to increase substantially too.

So is this the end of cheaper Right Hand Ads?

It certainly looks that costs are going to increase for sure, supply and demand are going to kick in and create a new higher bid level.

I generally have favoured the right hand ads, certainly over the last 12 months due to the costs being 10-20 TIMES cheaper than their more expensive, and favoured, Newsfeed Ads.

So that’s the bad news. The good news is that fewer ads = Increased engagement!