What’s Your “Why”?

This is a brilliant Video from one of my favourite thought-leaders Simon Sinek. Before you start watching it get a pen and paper handy because, if like me, the light bulbs went off. I actually watched it 3 times!!. The information here is so profound and useful not just for business owners but ANYONE!

Why do you think Brands like Apple are so successful? You’ll find the answers in this video. It’s much simpler than you probably originally thought :0)


I know how guilty of how I have been in my thought processes in the past and that’s something I’m trying to redress on a daily basis. If you really want to succeed in life in general apply this stuff daily.

P.S – There are a ton of other Brilliant “TED” talks I’ll start sharing with you in the coming weeks and months but this is definitely one of my favourites!!