Create A LookALike Audience From Your Email List

From our last training I showed you how to create a custom audience from your existing email list. Once we have the custom audience we can now start to scale things up to create a look a like audience. Basically Facebook will look at the data we uploaded from our custom audience and go away to find other people on Facebook who closely match your profile.

Step 1 – Create Custom Audience

Create Look A Like Audience







Step 2 – Choose Custom Audience To Create Look A Like Audience From

Choose custom audience






Transcript From The Video

Okay, I just wanted to record a quick follow on video from last weeks’ training where we created basically a custom audience from an email list. So now we can really start to scale things up by creating a lookalike audience.

I’m in the facebook ads manager dashboard at the moment. What we want to do is we want to go over to our audiences. And you can see here we created this audience just the other day. And what we want to do now is we want to basically create a lookalike audience from this audience. So lets go ahead and do that. So what we want to do is we want to create a lookalike audience and we want to create it from our audience.

So lets just select our audience down here and we call it Test Custom Audience. And we want it to say for the UK. You’ve got to do it by country specific. And what we want to do is we want to use, you can select here either, we get a close match or you can go a lot broader with people. Now obviously in the UK there’s 60-70 million people so with an option to get about 460,000 people who are similar to us as a close match, I’d rather go as close as possible. Because obviously these are broad match basically but I don’t want to go too broad. You can actually test things later when you come to do ads and campaigns and see how a more exact match works against a tighter audience. So let’s create the audience now.

And basically what will happen here is it takes a little time for that audience to be created so I’m going to pause the video now and then we’ll come back to it in about half an hour when it’s created the custom audience.

Okay, back at the computer and you can see now that, I’m just waiting for this one to confirm but one I created a little bit earlier, about a month ago, was basically from some sales I mad out of a book offer and again we created a huge audience. So these are people who are very, very targeted. These people have visited my order page who now I can re-target and create an ad to market to them and we can also then further define the audienceby interest and things like that to home down. So it’s a great way of scaling what your campaigns once your ready to move with them.

So I hope you enjoyed that video. Any comments, please leave them below the video and that’s the end of the post