Create A Swipe File

Need inspiration when creating a new ad or sales letter? One of the best kept secrets of all professional copywriters is to create a swipe file full of your favourite ads. In this short video I show you the exact step-by-step process I go through to create a huge swipe file. Best of all its 100% FREE!!

Transcript Of Video

In this video, I’m just going to show a really quick and very, very effective way of creating your own swipe file. Now, you don’t just have to do it for ads, you can do it for sales, pages, anything else. It’s so much easier when you’ve got a swipe file to use it as design inspiration, whatever, to help get some ideas going when you’ve got to create your own ads.

So we’re just on Facebook now and just got a couple of ads in the right hand side here. So what I’d like to do is if any ads catch my eye, I use a little tool called Snagit. What I’d like to do is I like to capture that ad like there and then I’ll save it on my hard drive for use later.

Now, what I’ve been doing over the last few months or several months, to be honest, is I’ve created a huge … I’m just going to find it now. I’m just going to pause the video one sec, ads I’ve got here and you can see here I got lots of different ones. I’ve got my lost files which are literally a series of some very, very rare Facebook ads which you don’t see anymore and they’re the older size format, and such a good way of being able to come back to something and get some copyrighting impetus when you’re struggling to get something done.

You can see here, I’ve got news feeds. I keep them in sets of 50 and it’s just a really quick way of being able to look at an ad and see, “Wow!” Why did that attract me, what worked well there, was is the image, was it the headline, was it the call to action, and it makes it so much easier to start creating your own ads because the hardest thing is literally with any sort of ideas is starting from scratch. So what I like to do is not reinvent the wheel as far as I can help is use what’s working now and then create them into my own files. You can see here, I’ve got a couple of files I’ve saved here which basically I use for my files going forward.

I’ve got here, with the right-hand ads, a huge Facebook ad collection here, three or four volumes. You can see here there’s loads of different sorts of ads. Every sort of different niche possible to copy and use in other ideas for when I’m creating my own ads going forward. And I also do this for things like swipe files for … I’ve got another swipe file here and I just go down to my … You can see here, I have a number of different people, things that caught my eye. So I quick look at one of them just to show you what I do. Let’s say I’ve got Frontcam, one of my favorites. We’ve got lots of different things where forms were and all these registration order forms were, and all the different pages in this funnel.

So again, you see what people are doing and you try to keep them for yourself to emulate later when you’re doing your own ads. So it’s a great way of getting started, and I highly recommend you start creating immediately your own swipe file of emails, ads, sales letters, you know, physical swipe file as well. I’ve got a huge, about three huge ring binders of stuff I get in the post that catch my eye and I think that will be a good, great idea to try when I’m sending out direct mail pieces to my clients.

So I hope you enjoyed it and speak to you soon.