Don’t Get Your Facebook Account Banned

Facebook has started culling thousands of accounts trying to rid themselves of the more dodgy advertisers out there. Watch this short video that’s got a few really useful tips I wanted to share to help you keep your account open.

Transcript of Video

In this video, I just want to go through a few little tips to help prevent you getting banned on Facebook. There’s been a whole host of people who’ve been using some dubious techniques and, unfortunately, Facebook is clamping down very, very strongly, hard on these people and closing down a lot of Facebook ad accounts left, right and centre. I’ve just got a few tips in this short video, just to make sure that you understand fully what to do and what not to do in terms of keeping your account active.

It’s very important to be in compliant. I would do a search for Facebook Terms of Service regarding advertising. These change all the time, so I’ve not put a link particularly in this video, but you can check these out for yourself. One thing I’ve not put on these PowerPoints, and it just immediately struck me as I’m talking is don’t use any apps that are from non-authorized vendors. There’s a whole host a few months ago of scraping IDs, which basically scrapes your IDs from Facebook, and these now will get you banned if you use them. Make sure you don’t do anything like this. If you’re uploading any e-mail lists, make sure you’ve got the permission to do so, and check the box that you have. Don’t be buying lists out there and uploading them because you’re going to get into big, deep trouble with Facebook.

Don’t be misleading with your ads. Don’t make promises that are unrealistic, unfulfilled or downright lies, otherwise, again, you’re going to get the boot at the backside by Facebook.

Don’t try to manipulate your customer behavior. Again, just goes on from the last one, don’t be over the top with claims, results. Certain industries are frowned a little bit upon by Facebook, and if you’re in those industries like weight loss, make money online type niche, you got to be very, very careful what you say with your ads. The claims have got to be very viable, true and not unrealistic.

The next one is something which is quite simple to do is be clear who you are. Again, see so many advertisers, myself included until recently, who don’t put any links back to sites, privacy, policy, legal pages on their Facebook pages. All you need to do is put a small link at the bottom of the page. One, it gives a lot of confidence to the customer. Two, it gives confidence to Facebook that you are not some scummy organization trying to dish people out a bad deal with your ads.

Your ads must be congruent with your landing pages and not just for the fact that you might get banned if they’re not, but in terms of conversion, if you are selling a product which is how to make money on webinars, there’s no point in sending them to a Facebook page, it’s not congruent. There’s so many different extremes of that. I’m not going into them in particular here, but your ads must be congruent with your landing pages. Don’t try and trick people at the worst extreme where you’re saying, “Click the link to get a million pounds,’ and then it goes to some weight loss site. Just tell people what you’ve got, how to get it basically with your ads, and be truthful and honest with all your advertising.

Again, your intentions must be clear. What do you want them to do? Do you want them to opt in? Do you want them to visit a page? Do you want them to download something? Do you want them to read more? Whatever it is, try and be as clear as possible what your intentions are with your ad, and then follow that through and be congruent with what’s on your landing page.

I hope these few tips help. Certainly, if you put them into practice chances of getting banned are much more minimalized. Don’t do anything stupid. Facebook is not silly. They are watching things all the time. If you try and buck the trend and do something a bit out of sync that is not in a gray area or whatever, you will get your account banned, and it can be a really hard place to come back from once you have your account banned from Facebook.