Facebook Website Custom Audiences

Excluding Facebook Website Custom Audiences

Here’s a nifty little trick to exclude certain custom audiences from your Facebook Ad campaigns. A really great way to use this straight off the bat is to exclude people who have already bought one of your products and you don’t want to show your ad to them again. Start creating website custom audiences for all your “Thank-You” pages ASAP so you can start saving money on your Facebook Ad campaigns.

Transcript of Video

Okay, in this short video, I’m trying to show you a neat little trick to help you save a little bit of money with your Facebook ads. Basically what we are going to do and what I’m going to show you is how to exclude audiences from your apps. So it’s a great way if you’re tracking and you’ve been creating website custom audiences which I suggest you do. There’s another video on the blog which I’ll put a link to here under this video where you can check that out for yourself, but it’s a great way of basically building up audiences on your website.

Now, another way of using Facebook website custom audiences is, say, for the people who buy your product, and then you don’t want to serve out to them again, you know. There’s no point spending money trying to advertise to someone who has already bought a product, so you can exclude someone who has bought. So this is why it’s so important to have website custom audiences on a lot of pages. So if you were creating a product, basically that, you would create a website custom audience for the page someone wants to, after they buy. So a book or whatever, the page they land on after they buy, which we generally call a thank you page. You would have the website custom audience tracking code on that page, so it would know anyone who’s landed on that page has bought the product.

So what we want to do now is in Facebook, let’s just go into creating an ad, and I’m just going to create, you know, just a general ad. It doesn’t really matter here. I’m just going to show you how quick and easy this is. So let the page load a sec. We are in custom audiences now. So let me just chose custom audiences. I want to, basically, target people who, let’s say, were on this particular page, as we would with any audience who has a good credit [inaudible 00:01:05] or can just do this to general interests and likes here. And then if I wanted to do, I could also create another custom audiences and I could exclude, see here, click down exclude, and then let’s just pick someone, let me just find someone. Let’s pick that one, people who bought a product which we’ve been selling. So I can exclude any people like that.

So, again, if you wanted to target that, again you can just have your interest here, and just have a custom audience to exclude them. Either way it would work great. So you’re not wasting money advertising to people who have already bought some goods or services from you in the past.