Facebook Ads Do’s And Don’ts

Here a short video I just shot explaining a few simple to follow tips I want to share to help you get a much better conversion rate from your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Transcript Of Video

In this video, I want to go through the Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook ads just to make sure that you get the maximum bank for your book when you’re advertising on Facebook. So let’s have a quick run through of some of the Do’s I recommend that literally you should be doing whatever. You need to research your target market and audience. So many marketers jump straight in and will end up wasting a lot of time and money by targeting the wrong people.

Understand where your market hangs out, what sort of things they’re interested in, things like are there any magazines, membership, other competitors in the marketplace, starting in laterally about the marketplace before you do any ads.

Facebook is a very visual medium and using an eye-catching ad is very, very important. I’d say 60-65% of the ad’s effectiveness is the image. The image will draw the viewer in to actually read your headline and then hopefully following through with reading the full part of the body text. This is especially important with news feed ads where the image is much larger. It’s very, very important.

Again, some people have great images, great targeting but don’t have a clear call to action. What do you want the viewer to do when they’ve hit your ad? Is it to go and watch a video? Is it to like your page? Is it to opt-in? Whatever it is, tell them what to do next. Next one is have a clear goal. Again, so many people go into advertising don’t have a clear goal. What I mean by this is what is the end goal of doing this particular ad? Is it to get people to opt in to something? Is it to get something to buy people? Is it to get somebody to like your page? Is it getting something to register for a webinar? Whatever it is, have a clear goal, what the particular ad is for. Set a budget. Again, I suggest something like 10 to 20 pounds or dollars a day to start off. We test it and then start building from there. Then, it leads nicely into test, test, test. The people who are ultra successful on Facebook are the ones who test and test things like landing pages, ad copy offers. If you do this regularly, you’re going to be a lot more successful on Facebook.

It’s vitally important to keep monitoring your campaigns, especially in the first few days when you’re gathering data if it’s a new market you’re in. Then you must have some sort of follow-up or re-target ads. Again, when people are opting in to something, don’t just send them to your sales page and hope they buy because chances are they won’t. What I would suggest is you have them opt-in and then have a series of emails, drip that over a number of days, either educating them more about your stuff so they know they can trust you, or sending them back to the offer or offers in your sales photo. Again, I would definitely start re-targeting any ads you do. You want to maximize that traffic and we’re finding that re-targeting is probably one of our most profitable advertising mediums at the moment.

A few Do’s. Don’t use irrelevant text. So many people are just trying to max out the available space. If you can get your message done in half a dozen words, that’s great. You don’t need to fill the box to make it look better that you’ve got a lot of text. Don’t, again, leads in from the Do’s – don’t sit and forget. Again, a lot of people set things up and then just leave it. What you’ll find on Facebook is 20% of your ads will do really well and the other 80% will either not do a lot or lose a bit of money. So it’s the people who do really, really well are the ones who pause the underperformers and scale up the performing ones. Don’t be deceptive with your ads. If you have an ad about golf swing, don’t send them to a page about dating, something like that. You’re going to get banned, as well as your ads aren’t going to perform well.

Don’t forget to pause underperforming ads campaigns. Again, you’re going to max out your spend very, very quickly if you let your underperforming ads run, and you’re not going to get the return on investment you want. Again, I mentioned in the last section, don’t miss out on testing pages. It’s so vitally important, people who test and monitor the campaigns are the people who are successful. I hope these few tips will get you to get better conversions, better return on investment and more profitable with your Facebook campaigns.