Why Use Webinars

Here’s a few great reasons why webinars are my #1 conversion tactic and why you should be using webinars in your business.

Transcript Of Video

In this short video I’m just going to go through why I think webinars are probably one of the best tools you can use for your marketing efforts. And where this really works, whether you’re both in B2B or B2C, I’ve been using webinars now for about three years, just over three years. I’ve attended over 300, and I’ve found them to be my number one conversion tactic. Apart from live events, which are usually very expensive to put on and quite a bit of a risk in a lot of organization, webinars by far, pound-for-pound are my number one conversion tactic.

I’m just going to go through some reasons now why I think they are such a great medium to use for your business. There’s loads of engagement you can have in a webinar. They can be interactive, and you can have an action based follow up. What I mean by this is we can have polls, charts, questions, Q & A, surveys. All these things can be done in webinars. Then we can actually follow up people depending on the actions they may have taken or not taken at the webinar. You could have people who’ve bought. People who have watched the webinar, but not bought. People who may have attended the webinar, but not seen your call to action. And then you’ve got people maybe who didn’t show up at all. You could then tailor basically a follow up to each of those different groups. A different engagement series which will then be a very high converting offer, even after the webinar’s finished.

It provides expert positioning. This is something I learned very early on with webinars. I wanted to become an expert in a particular niche. I wasn’t an expert. Didn’t have the knowledge particularly, but by working with other experts in the industry and helping them to do their webinars, I soon built up a reputation of being an expert within that industry. It’s a fantastic way to build a list as well, especially if you’re working with other people. You’re basically building up an email list of qualified people. Again, pound-for-pound it beats any other lead generation method I know of. Because they are event based, people love events and deadlines. And again that’s why I think webinars work so well. It’s so easy then to re-purpose the content and sell it later, or do whatever it is you want with the content after the event is finished. They are very, very versatile. You can use them to either teach, sell, demonstrate, loads of different applications with webinars. And they work for every single business. I’ve tested them in about 60 different niches now. All very, very different, and they worked really, really well in them all.

Just to go on here, there are tons of different profit models that you can use webinars for. That’s why I love them. And again, it doesn’t necessarily need to be profit models. It could be just a way of teaching people content. They’re really simple. If you know how to apply a simple webinar formula, you can literally be up and running for about a hundred pounds to be in this business. There are not many other businesses I know about, that you can be up and running for that sort of fee. You don’t need a list. You don’t need to be an expert or guru, and you can operate this business literally from anywhere in the world. So if you’re not using webinars in your business already, certainly start thinking about them.

Try them for yourself. I can assure you they work fantastically well in every single business I’ve tried them in.

The ROI, the return on webinars, is higher than any other of my marketing methods, whether I’m selling people to a video series, a squeeze page, some free training video, whatever it might be. I’ve found that the return on webinars is so high because I’ve developed a very, very bespoke profit path for people to go through on my webinar.

So any questions, leave them under the post below, and start using webinars in your business.